Dolphin Software is a Georgian company which has been founded in 2004 and quickly became a local market leader in credit and financial technologies. Our company and its development team members have been growing and developing along with its partner companies, which have gone the way from small credit offices to national MFI networks. Therefore our software product has always been excelled as reliable, high-quality and feasible.

Dolphin Software’s main vision is to provide its partners with software product and consulting which focus on not only meeting existing challenges, but also freeing credit company resources up for development, innovation and meeting market need.

This is why instead of many separate modules and partial solutions we create “only” one but comprehensive product which we named LoanKeeper. It is not just a bunch of code – what is has behind is decades of financial and banking experience of our team members plus a whole history of problem-solving, development and innovation side by side with our partners.

Our company does not try to copy any existing similar product. What is really does is that it constantly innovates and sets de-facto standards for other market players.

Dolphin Software creates using edge of the best technologies and the efforts of best people. So whats is created as a result we consider to be the best. So do our partner companies. We would like to try and convince you also.

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